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Life is a series of experiences that result in stories. All those stories come together to tell our story, the story of the life we lived and the legacy we left for future generations. A handful of us get the privilege of having our story shared with millions. This is the foundation of Red 55 Winery. Owned by the parents of Country Music singing sensation, Miranda Lambert, the details of her life before and after finding fame have been woven into each and every product they produce. Red 55 Winery is the signature wine of Miranda Lambert and was dedicated to her by her parents. We are pleased, and privileged, to be the agency of choice to bring this amazing line of wines to you.

The story of Red 55 Winery is Miranda Lambert’s story. The very name of the Winery a reflection of her past, being that her first vehicle was a 1955 Red Ford Pick Up truck. Fans will not be able to miss the other milestones represented in these wines. From her critically acclaimed Crazy Ex Girlfriend to Electric Pink, after her guitar, her journey is represented in every detail.

Now, you have the opportunity to be a part of Miranda Lambert’s story, to share in the memories and celebrate future victories. Why just listen to her music when you can savour the flavour of it too?

We are L & A Custom Imports and we have the exclusive rights to distribute Red 55 Winery in Canada. We are excited to be able to share this fine line of wines with you. It’s our hope that as Miranda Lambert’s story becomes intertwined with yours, you will make many great new memories to cherish for years to come.

P.S. In keeping with Miranda’s love for rescue dogs, a portion of the net proceeds will be donated to helping rescue dogs find safe and loving homes.


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