Red 55 Coming Soon!

The team at L & A have some good news and some bad news about the Red 55 Winery delivery…

The bad news is, the Red 55 Winery delivery has been delayed. It is scheduled to leave Texas tomorrow. The good news is, it was delayed for all the best reasons….

As many of you know, Red 55 Winery is owned by the Lambert family. Yes, Country singing sensation, Miranda Lambert’s family. So, it should come as no surprise that they were affected by Hurricane Harvey. It may surprise you to find out how though.

Red 55 Winery is outside of the storm area but, Miranda and her mother are heavily involved with an amazing charity for rescue dogs. Once they were cleared to visit the area, some of the Muttnation board members, along with Miranda and her family, rushed to Houston to lend a hand. All in all, they rescued 233 animals whose ownership couldn’t be verified. That’s 38 cats and 195 dogs that are now safe and being cared for while their loving forever families are on  their way to adopt them.

Many celebrities have donated money but, that wasn’t enough for Miranda Lambert. Rolling up her sleeves and getting dirty to help defenseless animals wasn’t enough. She is also taking part in a George Strait benefit concert.   Chris Stapleton, Lyle Lovett, and Robert Earl Keen are also set to perform. The concert will raise funds to help the people of Houston recover from the devastation left by Hurricane Harvey. Needless to say, wine is great but, helping out is far more important.

The good news is, the wine is on the way and we don’t mind the delay one little bit. We’re proud to be working with a brand that believes in giving back to its community. Thank you Red 55 Winery for caring and contributing so much to making your community, and the world we live in, a better place to be.

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