Determined to preserve the rebellious spirit of those who made moonshine their way of life, Palmetto Moonshine continues to make un-aged CORN WHISKEY the traditional way. Palmetto Moonshine is handcrafted in small batches from local corn and REAL FRUIT to deliver a one of a kind spirit that can be enjoyed on its own, or in your favorite mixed cocktails. An old time bootlegger’s recipe and a custom-made copper still are the key ingredients to producing what we are proud to say is South Carolina’s First Legal Moonshine, Palmetto Moonshine’s un-aged corn whiskey has been triple distilled to create that perfect ultra smooth and crisp, clean tasting moonshine. 



white lightning

The big daddy of all Moonshines and winner of the Taster's Choice Award. White Lightning is bottled at 105 proof, which is much higher than most of the competition. We distill out Shine three times so that we stay true to the corn whisky flavor while keeping it smooth.

peach moonshine

South Carolina is one of the country's largest producers of peaches, so we were destined to make a dangerously delicious peach flavored moonshine. Now you can enjoy the flavor of real Carolina peaches, even when the peaches aren't in season!


Our Blackberry Moonshine is popular among those looking for something with a real fruit flavor that's not too sweet and has more than just a hint of flavor. It's made with pure blackberry juice and bottled at 44 proof to give you that real taste of natural berries.

Strawberry moonshine

Our Strawberry Moonshine is the newest addition to the Palmetto line. It's one of the most refreshing flavors, great for summer time! Infused with fresh field strawberries and cane sugar, our Strawberry Moonshine can be easily mixed or enjoyed chilled.

Apple Pie moonshine

Apple Pie is the most popular flavor in our lineup, outsold only by our original White Lightning. It's our own little secret recipe of apples, cinnamon, and spices; it will remind you of a big ol' forkful of homemade sweet apple pie!

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