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Welcome to L & A Custom Import Agency – a company that brings the most unlikely partners together with the best imported products and uses them to create unforgettable event experiences. Don’t worry, we always have our exclusive products on hand so, the experience can continue well past the first encounter.

How unlikely are our partners?

Lacee is a woman of refinement and impeccable tastes. Being of distinct European descent, we wouldn’t expect anything less of her. Andrew is a fun-loving risk taker that loves the California coast he grew up so near to. In fact, had it not been for Andrew’s love of taking risks, he and Lacee would never have met that night at the Banff Springs Hotel. But, they did, and now you can enjoy the benefits of the relationship they have built.

L & A Custom Import Agency only features products that present the utmost in quality and specializes in sharing celebrity brands, and experiences, with their clients. Yes, you. You are not just a guest or an attendee, you are a part of an exclusive community, a member of something truly special. L & A Custom Imports Agency holds exclusive rights to represent every product and brand they feature. That means, no one can get them anywhere else. So, we invite you to be the envy of your friends.


Like our Facebook page for upcoming event details and to connect with our larger community. It also gives you the opportunity to be invited to our group where you will gain access to exclusive offers and parties not available anywhere else. Follow us on Instagram to enjoy some fun and the daily experiences it takes to make L & A Custom Imports the agency celebrities trust with their brands.

We can’t wait to meet with you at our next event!


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